Winter Can Affect How We Feel

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Indiana winters can cause you to feel down and sleep more than usual. Don’t be too quick to accept this as a normal part of life. You may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. At school, we also see this in some of our students.

        Not everyone is suffering from SAD, some are suffering from a less-severe form of mood changes called the “winter blues.” If you think you (or your child) may be experiencing SAD or winter blues, you may try the following things:

        *Expose yourself to sunlight whenever possible.

        *Incorporate more physical activity each day.

        *Socialize with friends, family and colleagues often.

You’re Invited!

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Shelby Eastern School Corporation School Board is comprised of a seven member board. The school board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. unless otherwise advertised.

Tips and Ideas To Foster Reading at Home

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Reading Ideas:

*Read bedtime stories.

*Have your child read the grocery list as you shop.

*Write down a recipe for your child’s favorite food.

*Get excited to visit the library.

*Play a board game and have your child read the cards.

Reading Tips:

*Don’t leave home without it! Always have reading materials available to read in the car or at appointments.

*Once is not enough. Re-read favorite stories to help build fluency, speed and accuracy.

*Dig Deeper! Ask your child questions about what they just read.

*Be patient, correct gently and praise with enthusiasm

Waldron HS Introduces Credit Academy

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Waldron High School is piloting a new program this year called Credit Academy. Students who are part of the class are placed in one of our computer labs for 3.5 periods to work on the online program, Apex Online Learning.

The main purpose of this program is to meet the academic needs of our students who have fallen behind in credits. They are paired up with a licensed teacher each period as well as an instructional assistant who help guide them through the online courses and work on goal setting.

The Credit Academy is meant to provide flexibility for students to get the education they need for graduation as well as create opportunities for students to experience, such as elective courses at the career center, to prepare them for life after Waldron High School.

The Importance of Parent/Teacher Collaboration

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Parent/teacher conferences are set for this month. Parents and teachers share the same goals for children and students; they want each individual to do their best. This will happen when parents and teachers work together. This can happen in a number of ways.

  • Keeping lines of communication open between parents and teachers
  • Parents help by setting aside time for schoolwork at home
  • Teachers can send newsletters, create blogs, make phone calls and send report cards
  • Parents can attend parent/teacher conferences to make sure that parents, teachers and students are all on the same page (Oct. 12)
  • Parents can volunteer in the classroom or building
  • Parents can help the teacher by letting them know about things happening at home
  • Teachers and parents can work as a team to provide the best for students

Make your Time Count at Shelby Eastern Schools

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Being on time and having great attendance is extremely important in making the most out of your education. Here are some tips on how to make your time in Shelby Eastern the best it can be.

  •         Being on time sets each student up for success
  •         Helping your child be on time shows them that you care about his/her learning
  •         Learning begins when the bell rings
  •         Your child could miss out on important information even if they are five to ten minutes late
  •         English and Math are usually taught in the morning
  •         Being on time helps keep your child from falling behind
  •         Bring on time is an important life lesson

Morristown Junior-Senior High Welcomes New Staff

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Great news to report from Morristown Jr./Sr. High School. At the School Board has approved the following staff members:

Jeff Harkin — Assistant Principal/AD

Breanne Pickett — Band Director

Chelsea Toland — Ag teacher/FFA sponsor

Kathy Schmidt — Spanish teacher

Congratulations and welcome to our family!

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