Next School Board Meeting – January 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Central Office

Ken Howell, Principal





Josh Johnson, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director




Diane Stout, Secretary






Erin Shuttleworth, Nurse





Michelle Neff, Special Education Director




Susie Swaney, Guidance Counselor





Linda Leisure, Treasurer




John Blankman, Jr. High Math





Kathi Brandau, Business Instructor, BPA Advisor
Mrs. Brandau’s Classes Page



Jonathon Blankman, HS Resource Assistant




Mike Gaffney, 6th Grade





Steve Gosnell, Math/Science






Scott McClelland, Social Studies




Lucinda Blair, Agriculture






Jessica Collier, Mathematics





Lisa Isaacs, English




Kristen Kile, Library Assistant




Kellie Kuhn, 6th Grade





Cindy Leahy, Music (Vocal)





Jordan Black, Music (Band)





Amber Kortz




Jim Helsley, Jr. High English





Mary Jo Nieman, Librarian / Family and Consumer Science





Traci Mills, Physical Education





Nathan Rude, Science





Kathryn Smith, Art





Kevin Smith, Social Studies





Rita Richmond, Spanish






Heather Stoddard, Mathematics




Diane Timbrook, Science





Steven Todd, Resource





Becky Claxton, English





Vanessa Wright, Life Skills





Tom Workman, Physical Education/Health





Sherri Heck, Head Custodian










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