Welcome to Little Mohawks Preschool! We are so excited to offer both a half and
full day program. Our program is based on Indiana Early Learning Foundations.
Per the Indiana Department of Education, “Early learning experiences help a child
become ready for Kindergarten. The Foundations show early educators the
developmental progression that typically developing young children should
experience as they grow toward Kindergarten readiness.” In 2014, Indiana’s Early
Learning Advisory Committee approved the following definition of Kindergarten
readiness: “In Indiana, we work together so that every child can develop to his or
her fullest potential socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and
academically. Through growth in all of these domains, the child will become a
healthy, capable, competent, and powerful learner.”

Little Mohawks Preschool is designed to meet the various needs of 3 and 4 year
olds. Our preschool services children with special needs and provides speech and
language, occupational, and physical therapies as needed.
Please click on the links below for further information about the program.

Little Mohawk Preschool Application