Welcome to Waldron Junior-Senior High School, home of the Mohawks! My name is Mark Shadiow and I am the proud principal here at WHS. We have a beautiful school and a tremendous staff that is committed to serving our students. Our rigorous and rewarding educational programs, along with our competitive extracurricular activities provide a world-class educational experience for our students.

Waldron is proud to offer 1:1 technology, with each student having his or her own Chromebook. In addition to this, teachers have access to Smart boards, which further allow them to create engaging and meaningful lessons for our students. We offer a number of AP and Dual Credit courses in academic areas including English, Math, Science, and History. We also offer Computer Programming courses which give students further opportunities to interact within our ever-changing world. Our goal is that each student will graduate from Waldron with the necessary skills to be a contributing member of society in the 21st century. Whether entering the workforce, joining the military, or heading off to college, we are confident that the experience at WHS prepares our students for their future endeavors.

In addition to the excellent programs offered here, I am proud of the strong sense of community at Waldron. This is due to the dedicated efforts of our teachers, staff, parents, and community members to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students. Communication between school and home is a vital component to each student’s education, so we encourage you to contact the school at any time to gain insight into your child’s progress at school and how you can become involved in your child’s education here at Waldron.

As I mentioned before, great things are happening at Waldron Junior-Senior High School. I welcome all parents and community members to visit the school and get involved. I hope to see you at the school sometime this year. Go Mohawks!